With the explosion of martial arts in the 60’s and 70’s Renshi Robert Caruana at just eight years old along with his Father Bob Caruana began their initial training .

Collectively their dedication to the true teachings of karate made them seek out the various styles of this martial art as they sought depth of knowledge to reflect their characters as they would look to form their own association. With continual training and refining to hone their skills and knowledge they sacrificed their social lives. Both father and son trained religiously in which an unbreakable bond was made and Renshi Robert Caruana continuously pays to tribute to his father and shares memories of their times together and openly acknowledges without him he would of never began his journey in shotokan karate.

In 1974 Renshi Bob Caruana took upon himself to instruct karate and its way of life to all ages and without prejudice. This decision and ultimate sacrifice gave birth to what is now and will be forever known to its students and all communities as E.N.S.K.A.

Their pursuit of knowledge meant even with their own association they continued to practice at an unprecedented rate with all styles of karate including full contact Kyokushinkia and travelled to train under the great masters Sensei Enoeda, Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa to name just a few.

Renshi Robert Caruana tells a tale of how back in 1984 and rejoices with sincerity as he first met Hanshi Dilaimi currently 9th Dan of the MAFIGB when he was going for his second dan. Hanshi said “ah you must be Robert Caruana from Portsmouth”. Renshi Rob was taken back from this approach and acknowledge as they had not previously met. Renshi Rob said “nice to meet you, but how do you know my name?”, Hanshi replied with “well it’s embroided on your tracksuit”, and they both walked away together smiling from this encounter.

This day in particular has become significant in the history of the Caruana’s as a friendship bloomed and both Renshi’s Bob & Robert Caruana speak highly of Hanshi Dilaimi. For these reasons both father and son have graded under |Hanshi Dilaimi from 2nd dan up to 7th dan and where they received titles of Renshi. Sadly shortly after Hanshi Dilaimi passed away unexpectedly and has left a massive void in the Martial Arts World and in our hearts, We will never forget a true master and a great friend.

It was Renshi Robert Caruana’s desire to demonstrate his passion and love for Shotokan karate that he created a squad so his students could enter competitions and express their abilities to the  international community’s.

Over two decades his squad have competed in over 100 competitions and have placed in every single tournament. His accolades and success has seen the squad compete in every type of championship retaining Gold medals at National, European, International levels, not forgetting four World Championships.

Shotokan Karate’s history back dates to the founder Gichin Funakoshi and it was at the Funakoshi World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, where his squad received 9 Gold, 5 Silver and four Bronze medals. In acknowledgement of such great success and influence Renshi |Robert Caruana was bestowed upon for his hard work with a Gold Medal for his success at the championships.

Renshi Robert Caruana became the Chief Instructor of Enska in August 2016 when his father Renshi Bob Caruana decided to step down,  Chief instructor Rob Caruana now with the new title of Kyoshi  past his level 4 Instructors Coaching exam in March 2016 under the A.M.A. And became a  National UK Assessor for Martial Arts. Chief instructor Rob remains dedicated to the teachings of Shotokan Karate, as he continues to instruct and promote healthy living and family values as they teach and spread the way of life that has seen him accomplish so much and been an integral part of so many community’s and people’s lives

All our instructors are fully qualified to the highest standard, all having passed their Coaching qualifications under the  strict examination &  guidelines of the A.M.A..

All have DBS, Child Protection & First Aid